Teachers and Testimonials

Leonardo Maria De Rossi

Leonardo has been Research Fellow of Information Systems at DEVO Lab since 2016 where he is responsible for Bitcoin and Blockchain research. He is a faculty member of SDA Bocconi’s master programs, open programs and custom programs, specializing in the blockchain area, and is in charge of the Bitcoin & Blockchain Fundamentals course at Bocconi University.

SDA Bocconi
Nico Abbatemarco

Nico is Junior Fellow at SDA Bocconi and a member of DEVO Lab’s core team since 2017. His research activities focus on Bitcoin, blockchain and DLTs. He has participated in several digital transformation projects, working with international government institutions, consultancy firms and research labs.

SDA Bocconi
Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo is a researcher, consultant and public speaker who studies and popularizes the Bitcoin technology. He is the CEO of Bhb Network - BlockchainLab, a consultancy firm that has been working in the field of blockchain and Bitcoin for several years.

Lawrence Nahum

Lawrence is Chief Architect Officer at Blockstream, the global leader company in the development of Bitcoin and blockchain solutions. In 2013 he has founded GreenAddress, which has developed the GreenAddress wallet for the management and transfer of Bitcoin.

Thomas Bertani

Thomas is President of the Poseidon group, CEO (and founder) of Provable, and director of Eidoo and Moneyfold. Thanks to his extended expertise in finance he has been listed among Forbes 100 30 under 30 in 2018.

Poseidon, Provable
Marco Monaco

Marco is Senior Manager and Leader of the Blockchain Competence Center at PwC; he is responsible of PwC Global in the DLT Security and Cryptocurrencies areas. A bitcoiner since 2012, and a blockchainer since 2013, he has worked on several national and international Blockchain projects.

Marco Amadori

Marco is CEO of inbitcoin. A lifelong technology and IT enthusiast, he has had multiple experiences in the field from being a Linux consultant to developing Free Software, and researching on Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence. Innovation is a physical need to him, he cannot help but studying and practicing it, even in non strictly digital contexts.

Nicola Vaccari

Nicola is presently coordinator at Inbitcoin and Bmanity, and an active member of the Italian Bitcoin community. He is the leader of operations in the (open) bitcoinvalley project in Trentino, which aims at expanding the use of bitcoin in everyday life. A tireless Bitcoin evangelist, he is fond of detecting opportunities, and his motto is “Some times you win, other times you learn”.

Patrick Peterle

Patrick is a software developer at Inbitcoin, focusing in the development of Bitcoin-based applications. He has graduated from the Università di Trento with a final thesis on the implementation of a PoS Lightning Network.

Emanuele Coscia

Emanuele is member of the BEN Board of Directors. A Bitcoin enthusiast since 2014, he has been working in the field of blockchain since 2017. His passion for this technology has led him to (co)founding Next Generation Currency, an informative platform about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Education Network
Federico Tenga

Federico is cofounder and COO of Chainside, an Italian firm whose mission is to integrate Bitcoin as a payment system. He has also cofounded BlockchainEdu and is a member of the MISE pool for the development of a national Blockchain strategy.

Gabriele Sabbatini

Gabriele is a consultant at Chainside. Cofounder of Next Generation Currency, he is a researcher and public speaker on Bitcoin. He is Secretary General of BEN Italia.

Alessandro Fossato – il Fox

Alessandro is CEO of the Interlogica group, that he founded in 1995 to support companies in their digital transformation. He has been part of the Italian hacker movement in the ’90s, and is now a digital innovation facilitator.

Donato Forcillo

Donato is in charge of structuring and Energy Management activities at Enel’s trading room. He is an activated member of the corporate Blockchain community and is responsible for Enerchain, a project for creating a decentralized trading infrastructure in the power and gaz markets.

Francesco Melcarne

Francesco is part of an international IBM team whose mission is to develop the business of blockchain worldwide. He is member of the ISO 307 technical committee which is defining the standards for blockchain. He says he’s had the chance to deal very early with technologies that, sooner or later, will end up on everyone’s lips.

Fabio Malosio

Fabio is Blockchain Solution Leader at IBM Italia. He is responsible for popularizing the benefits of this new technology, developing an ecosystem of partners, popularizing IBM’s global solutions and designing customized solutions for specific customers.

Marco Bassini

Marco is a postdoctoral researcher of Constitutional Law, and contract professor of Fundamentals of Information Technology Law at Bocconi University. He has been researching on legal topics at DEVO Lab since 2016. He is Managing Editor of the law journal “MediaLaws – Rivista di diritto dei media”.

Università Bocconi