Professional Certificate in Data Science

Structure 4 courses
Access period 12 months
Format On Demand
wkly effort 3-4 ore
Language Italian
Price (+ VAT) € 700


SDA Bocconi's new On Demand Online Programs are accessible from any device, and match your agenda and your specific needs. Anytime anywhere.



Today’s competitive dynamics and technological shifts require organizations and individuals across all industries to routinely re-define their professional abilities. Terms like up-skilling and re-skilling have become more and more common in the everyday language of ventures, companies, institutions and non-profit organizations. Skills are key in this context.


Which skills have become essential? Which ones are considered outdated, or even in need of being un-learned? And, moreover, how can you prove that you harness a specific skill?


SDA Bocconi School of Management’s Professional Certificates help you answer these questions.


A Professional Certificate is the end point of a journey enabling you to acquire specific skills related to a specific job. The certificate will testify that you have achieved this target, to yourself and any other person of your interest.


Our Professional Certificate in Data Science is the culmination of 4 courses, attended in parallel or in the order of your choice, over a period of 12 months (when your access keys are active). By successfully completing the 4 courses, you will gain SDA Bocconi’s professional certificate, in addition to an individual certificate for each course you have attended.


A Professional Certificate is therefore made up of 4 Online On Demand Programs that can be attended anytime and any way. Each weekly period consists of learning units that differ in content, applications and tools – video clips, interviews, exercises, tests, questionnaires, articles, case studies, to name a few. Each Program includes a final test on the skills you have acquired and an evaluation survey about the Program.

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