Feb 2022 10:15 - 11:45 | CET

MAMA Class: Communication in the Arts: Strategies, Tactics and Planning to communicate to the audience

Format Online
Language ENGLISH
Location Online

This is your chance to deeply connect with SDA Bocconi by attending online a real Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA) open class.

We are providing this opportunity for candidates to further understand the SDA Bocconi MAMA Community and get a feeling for the real class atmosphere, teaching approaches and learning processes.

You will watch a live, full-length, uninterrupted MAMA session and then have any questions answered about the SDA Bocconi MAMA Program and Admissions process after the class by sending an email to md@sdabocconi.it.

MAMA Class: Communication in the Arts: Strategies, Tactics and Planning to communicate to the audience

How to engage audiences in an ongoing conversation with the art institution?

Cultural institutions are now faced with the challenge of shifting from a traditional, one-way communication approach, to a more modern, two-way communication approach, based on continuous interactions with the public.

The lecture will be devoted to identifying the main elements that cultural institutions have to rely on when designing and implementing the content strategy for their communication campaign.

8 February 2022. 10:15-11:45 (CET)

Keynote Speaker
Giulia Miniero, Brand & Communication

We look forward to having you join this session and introducing you to the SDA Bocconi MAMA world.

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