Chiara Fumagalli

Economics, Politics and Decision Sciences


Pubblicazioni recenti

Cestone G., FUMAGALLI C., Kramarz F., Pica G. Exploiting Growth Opportunities: The Role of Internal Labour Markets Review of Economic Studies, 2023
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FUMAGALLI C. Sobre los efectos anticompetitivos de los descuentos por lealtad in Desafíos de la Libre Competencia en Iberoamérica Vanessa Facuse Andreucci, Ana Montoya Squif (a cura di), Thomson Reuters, pp.189-212, 2019
FUMAGALLI C., Motta M., Calcagno C. Exclusionary Practices: the Economics of Monopolisation and Abuse of Dominance Cambridge University Press, , 2018

Grants & Premi

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2024