Core Courses and Seminars

October 2018 - April 2019

The sequence of Core Courses and Seminars take place in 3 Terms from October to April: Fall Term (October - December), Winter Term (January - February), Spring Term (March - April).

Core Courses

The MPA program is organized around three cornerstones, which represent the competence required of a global manager.

Managing and Innovating

  • Context of Public Institutions
  • Public Management for Competitiveness
  • Managing Innovation in the Public Sector
  • Strategic Public Management

This sequence is focused on a detailed understanding of the innovating process as critical factor for the development of the public sector.
Specific attention is given to the ability of the decision making process and competitiveness useful to management and innovation in administration affairs.

Measuring and Evaluating

  • Quantitative Analysis for Public Managers
  • Evidence-based Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Performance Management and Control
  • Economic Prospects
  • Public Budgeting & Finance Management

Measuring the value produced by an  organization is the starting point to understand the opportunities it faces and the investments it can sustain. Starting from a thorough understanding of public budgeting and finance, the second sequence provides tools for measurement and evaluation  useful for managers of public sector.

Leading People and Processes

  • Managing Organisations and Motivating People
  • Operations Strategy & Management
  • Economics for Public Decisions
  • Project Management
  • Public Organizations & Processes

Core competences of an organization lie in smart people and in effective and efficient organizational processes. This sequence aims to understand how to design the organization, fuel it with the energy of smart and committed people and orchestrate a system of incentives that aim to both exploit existing competences and explore new scenarios.


  • Sharing Economy
  • Power Relations
  • Transparency in Government
  • Make and MPA Wish
  • Public Speaking
  • Ethics & Citizenship

Modern managers succeed because of their competences and also because of their soft skills and values. The ability to communicate, manage teams and projects, comply with rules, regulations and social norms  are all fundamental elements that complement the competence sphere and that are covered by this sequence of seminars. The values that inspire a manager are also a crucial element in the development of Public fields.


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