Capstone Projects

Spring - Summer 2019

MPA students are expected to use their skills in a real setting. As such, students will undertake a field project in a public or public-related organization. Capstone projects give students the opportunity to serve as advisors of a real organization, by means of a concrete and applicable project aimed at tackling a managerial challenge or complexity faced by the organization.
During the Capstone project, students will work under the joint supervision of an MPA faculty member.

Potential Capstone project might focus on the following institutions:

  • Supranational and international institutions;
  • National, regional and local government institutions,
  • Public service organizations;
  • Agencies and companies involved in the delivery of public services;
  • Consultancy companies for public service.

At the end of the Capstone project, students are required to prepare a written report describing and discussing the results of their projects, in order to complete the MPA program.

SDA Bocconi School of Management
SDA Bocconi is proud to have its MPA participants to achieve great milestones in their professional career development as part of their MPA learning experience: Philippine d’Alverny, MPA 2016-2017 candidate from France, is supporting the current UN Reform Initiative as part of her MPA internship project at World Food Programme in Rome, Italy.

  • "I started my internship with the International Training Center of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO) based in Turin, Italy as part of my MPA program...The goal of having a practical experience in the MPA is for students to apply the earned skills and knowledge in the first half of the program, in order to resolve a managerial challenge an organization in global public sector might be facing. Through this opportunity with ITC-ILO, I will be exposed to the ILO’s work, tripartism and the design implementation of international training activities."                                                                                                                                  Read more>
Abdikyerim Jansulu | MPA 2016-2017 Candidate from Mongolia