Directors' message

Welcome to the Master of Public Administration.

Our program is designed to enhance knowledge and skills of working professionals seeking further leadership responsibilities in governmental organizations, international institutions, NGOs and private businesses working with the public sector.

From the basics of public management to elective courses, the MPA provides a learning environment enabling participants to develop a creative mindset required to tackle public management issues.

Throughout the program, students are constantly invited to make the most of all learning opportunities, develop substantial skills and achieve personal growth. The pedagogic method combines academic teaching with dynamic team work and a direct approach to the professional world.

The MPA capstone projects and internship provide participants with a great opportunity to explore the international public sector, put into practice what they have learned, and strengthen their confidence in an international career.
An extremely committed faculty serves the MPA program. Resident faculty members have practical management knowledge and experience in public and non-governmental organizations as well as international teaching experience.

In addition, most courses host visiting professors coming from other world-renowned universities.
If you are passionate about public interests and you are ready to explore the international public sector, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Greta Nasi | MPA Director, Class of 2018


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If you always do what you have done, you will always get what you have always gotten (cit.). Challenge yourself #MPA @

MPA is so much more than a Master's program - it is a laboratory where participants use their professional experiences to think creatively and elaborate new solutions to common problems. MPA is a fully tailored, hands on degree which will strengthen your profile and heighten your visibility, equipping you for future professional challenges in the public sector.

Alexander Maximilian Hiedemann | MPA Director, Class of 2019