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Gabriele Troilo

SDA Professor of Marketing

MFB Class on Building and positioning a value proposition - Gabriele Troilo
MFB Class on Building and positioning a value proposition - Gabriele Troilo
A Challenging Program to Build a Solid Career

Our mission is to train and prepare specialized managers, strengthening their sensitivity and competences in the F&B and food, service, and hospitality industries. The program blends management culture and methodology with knowledge and specific skills for these sectors, thanks to the teaching and commitment of the best academics, executives, experts, and professionals, as well as to a close contact with Italian excellence.


12th edition  2020-2021


If you don’t have a business background, your program starts early, with pre-courses on the basics of data analysis for business and fundamentals of accounting.




The MFB starts with an introduction to the program, which provides you with team building, cultural diversity, and group dynamics through a series of interactive workshops. In addition, you’ll get acquainted with the services provided by the school (i.e. Bocconi, Alumni Association, Career Services, student clubs, etc.).

  • MFB Presentation
  • SDA Bocconi Presentation and Milan Tour
  • Team Building (Cooking Workshop)
  • Company Visits


Mid Oct 2020


This intensive stage provides you with the basic knowledge and skills to work as a manager, and it is the longest portion of the MFB. You will address the following topics:

  • Business Modeling
  • Accounting
  • Organizational Design in the Information Age
  • Marketing Management
  • Data Analysis for Business Foundations
  • Operations Management
  • Management Control

Nov 2020

Jan 2021


In this term you will tackle management issues that apply more directly to the F&B industries. You will address the following topics:

  • Italian Excellence
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Management
  • Business Planning
  • Leading Self, Leading Others


Deep-Delving Seminars (Coffee, Dairy, Spirits, Bakery, Vinitaly, Fuori Salone, etc.) + Sommelier Course

Jan 2021

Feb 2021


In this phase of the program you will get in touch with the variety and complexity of the food & beverage world, getting to know excellent economic realities in:

  • F&B Products (March – May)
  • F&B Retail (May - June)
  • F&B in Hospitality (July)


Deep Delving Seminars (Public Speaking, Tourism Management, etc.) + Study Tour

Mar 2021

Jul 2021


The final part of the Master is dedicated to the concrete application of the acquired skills, first with field projects carried out with F&B partner companies on real needs and challenges, then with other trial moments such as:

  • The Food Strategy Business Game
  • Innovation Hackathon
  • Study Tour

Sep 2021

Nov 2021


After the period dedicated to the field project and the fall term courses, you’ll come back for the end of the program and the graduation ceremony.


This list may be subject to change, to make room for new ideas, projects, or issues of emerging significance.

December 2021

Learning Model

The MFB requires a full-time commitment. Class sessions, case study discussions, and assignments in small teams in and out of class are integrated with simulations, role-playing exercises, and business games. You will also have presentations, Q&A sessions, and business case sessions with experienced faculty members, recognized professional faculty, and qualified business guest speakers. Attendance 5 days a week is mandatory, typically Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.


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Develop the 5 Basic Skills for Your Professional Growth

Designed by SDA Bocconi’s Career Services in collaboration with the Program Director and the school’s Center for Assessment & Development, the MFB Career Curriculum is a learning path that helps you develop the 5 basic skills needed for your professional growth. It includes a variety of mandatory activities, at individual and class levels, scheduled during the academic year.

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