Italian Excellence & SDA Bocconi

Inspired by Italy’s cultural heritage, SDA Bocconi School of Management shows its expertise in three of the highlights of Italian Excellence, namely the arts, fashion and design and food and beverage.The three international Master programs dedicated to these sectors are MAFED, the Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management; MFB, the Master of Management in Food & Beverage; MAMA, the Master in Arts Management and Administration.

Italy’s rich cultural heritage deserves to be shared with new generations. We must continue our commitment to quality and beauty by ensuring we maintain our knowledge, its dissemination and its management.” With these words, Giuseppe Soda, Dean of SDA Bocconi, underlines the commitment of the School to Italian Excellence

With three Master programs  focused on  Italian Excellence,” said Marco Tortoriello, Director of the Masters Division, “SDA Bocconi encourages its students to critically examine the managerial intricacies of the fashion & design and food & beverage industries as well as the production of fine arts. In addition, students will understand the complexity companies have to manage in these areas by balancing economic competition with symbolic competition". 

Having long been the hub of fashion, creativity, design and culture, the center where you can find the finest food and wine, Milano is the ideal campus to discover Italian Excellence, allowing SDA Bocconi to bring together business and innovation with the unparalleled wealth of the Italian cultural heritage.

Participants gain exposure to leading Institutions and companies within these industries, as well as to innovative management tools, ensuring an ideal interaction between practice and theory. This full immersion in the Italian Excellence helps participants to understand how country brands have leveraged their cultural history, while at the same time being innovative and contemporary at a global level.

For SDA Bocconi Italian Excellence offers a special path for professional growth: an opportunity to broaden horizons, to absorb the value of arts and culture, and to understand the importance of knowing how to manage a wonderful heritage.

@sdabocconi I have always been a fan of the Italian experience myself.

 MFB and Italian Excellence


  • "I am very glad and honored to be part of this program. I am sure I made the right decision and hope to bring the name of SDA Bocconi and MFB into the business world. I am sure that this experience will change my life and I applaud your commitment toward our process: big things like the Italian excellence presentation, and small things like looking for products in groceries stores to give us practical examples."

    Antonio Massimini | MFB 2015, Venezuelan-Italian