What Can the Industry Expect from the MFB?

MFB students are international and multicultural professionals, aged between 24 to 30, having at least 2 years of work experience and speaking excellent English as well as other languages.


Companies will also collaborate with students through field projects allowing an exchange of knowledge, ideas, and passion, forming lasting relationships and the basis for an invaluable future network. Experiences and references will be one of the students’ most important assets.


The most renowned companies will speak directly with MFB candidates and get the chance to introduce their core activities and share ideas with them; they will solicit candidates’ feedback, all to increase company awareness in their future managers.


Companies can collaborate with MFB through:

  • Company presentations and/or company visits
  • Professional faculty
  • Field projects
  • Internships
  • Recruiting

“To sell brands you need great people who understand that there is much more than just a product, who are curious about the story behind the product and aware of the past that the product brings with it. That’s the kind of curiosity we find in SDA Bocconi MFB graduates: they have a passion for F&B, a love for the product, combined with managerial excellence and a certain curiosity which takes you to great management ideas.

We have as many as 6 MFB Alumni currently working with AB InBev, all doing very different things (Finance, Marketing, Key Account Manager, Pricing and Customer Service teams, etc): while they all started much closer in terms of activity, we saw they quickly found their own way, identified their talent, and grew in different areas. The really cool thing is that they are a group, but they are everywhere...”

Simon Wuestenberg, Country Director Italy, Anheuser-Busch InBev Italia SpA