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Career Advising is a dynamic way to support your professional success as an MFB candidate. By providing you with counseling and dedicated services to achieve your post-Master career pursuit, Career Advising operates as a link between you and the recruiting needs of the international job market of the food and beverage industries.

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MFB 2016


Employed 1 year from Graduation

Great Opportunities for Companies

Our graduates have an in-depth knowledge and passion for the management of food & beverage and related industries, such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, and advanced retailers. Their specific knowledge and skills, as well as the theoretical and practical aspects they have learned about the industry, will allow them to offer F&B companies a true competitive advantage when compared with candidates from other programs.

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SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with directors, faculty, alumni, and staff.