MAMA not only sets you up with an exceptional start working in the Arts Sector, but it also provides you with an invaluable dive into Italian culture and enables you to meet incredible people from all around the world.

Paula Trommel
MAMA 2020
Director, Corinth Consulting

A lasting blend of superlative academia and courteous camaraderie in the outmost exquisite Italian context.

Nicolás Basilio Stathakis
MAMA 2020
Chief Creative Officer at VMaison, Milano

Field trips are always stimulating, where we have the opportunity to meet and talk with great names of the Italian cultural scene. During the conversation with Paolo Baratta, President of Biennale di Venezia, it was interesting to understand his vision of art’s social function and the role of the Venice Biennale in the contemporary art scene. Baratta pointed out that visitors should be treated as people and not customers. The exhibitions are about exchanges between the art and the visitor, and their unique experience, where every visitor has the chance to be motivated and inspired by them. Learning from different points of view, perspectives and institutions makes the MAMA at SDA Bocconi a more diverse and dynamic program. Going beyond school walls give us practical skills, expanding the knowledge we learn in the classroom.

Mariana Vieira Marcondes - Brazilian
MAMA Student

Growing up as a dancer, the difficulties that institutions faced to maintain artistic integrity while being accessible to the public led me to a career in the arts; not as an artist, but as a someone that knows how to properly manage an organization. Wanting this career path led me to find the MAMA program; an immersive experience that gave me the tools to understand the day-to-day management of a cultural institution: financially, organizationally, and communicationally.
The issues which I once faced found solutions during the program, while others developed when discussing real life cases with professors and in meetings with numerous Italian cultural institutions.
Sharing this experience with a group of diverse people who enriched my background and managerial skills, definitely made MAMA a well-rounded program designed to make us innovate within the cultural sector.

Carolina Gonzalez - Costa Rican
MAMA 2018
Commercial Assistant - Balich Worldwide Shows

Looking around at various masters in Cultural Management I was sure MAMA was the best choice for me. After my time at SDA Bocconi, I can say that I was right. Through the study of international cases, meetings with major institutions and professionals in the field and courses with top level professors, the MAMA program prepares its students to overcome the apparent contradiction between management and culture and to ensure the long-term sustainability of cultural institutions to maximize impact. MAMA alumni are critical thinkers with a full set of tools to develop the cultural institutions of the future.
Learning these tools, working in teams with amazing people from all over the world and applying theory constantly to real cases made the experience worthwhile. Combining this with private visits to the most spectacular Italian heritage and cultural sites made it unique.

Damasia Patino Mayer - French/Argentinian
MAMA 2017

Nowadays artistic and cultural institutions are facing many challenges and are constantly asked to adapt or reinvent themselves by implementing innovative and sustainable strategies to ensure their mission of promotion and conservation of heritage.
If you ever wonder what the cultural institutions of the future will be and you want to be a part of these changes, then the MAMA program is made for you.
More than a simple master, the MAMA is a deep immersion in cultural and artistic industries through a tailored program of courses given by top level professors and prominent cultural managers bringing their hands-on experiences.
MAMA will not only offer you the chance to learn managerial culture and expertise that can be applied in cultural institutions, but also give you the opportunity to put them into practice through an internship in one of the outstanding institutional partners of MAMA.

Camille Coschieri - French
MAMA 2017

When I joined the MAMA program at SDA Bocconi, I knew that I was about to have access to the highest and most prestigious business education available in Italy and the only one able to compete on the international scene.
What I did not know was that I would become part of an inspired group of people - including the faculty, all the partners, guest speakers and my colleagues - all aligned and inspired by the same mission: enhancing the valorization of a great cultural heritage through the development of strong managerial competences and best practices.
I was lucky to bring that same dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm everyday to MAMA and in my future professional experiences.

Eugenio Crifò - Italian
MAMA 2016

If you are curious about how to run a museum or an opera house, if you care about cultural heritage and how to preserve it, if you go to a music festival and pay attention to every detail, MAMA is definitely the program for you!
After 6 years working as a consultant in cultural fields in a global PR firm, I decided to come to Milan to improve my managerial skills at SDA Bocconi.
The program consists of specialized courses that give you a holistic view over the trends and challenges that all arts institutions face these days. The professors bring real cases to discuss in class; the director is well connected with the most important art institutions in Italy, which opens doors for private visits and inside information.

Klebs Rodrigues - Brazilian
MAMA 2016

After completing my studies in two completely different fields, marketing and cinema, I had to decide where I wanted to focus and which path to follow in my future career. A combination of both seemed to be the best way, in order not to leave either of my two passions behind. After searching for masters worldwide, I found MAMA. MAMA was definitely the only choice for me, with a unique combination of specialized courses, a professional faculty and the support of many international partners, which no other master in cultural management can offer. Studying Arts Management in one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, in a metropolitan, multicultural city such Milan is an amazing experience and a key for success.

Andreas Asimakopoulos - Greek
MAMA 2016

Art industries differ in the way they function from traditional industries. The dynamics of the market for art products are very different. The laws that govern traditional industries cannot be applied. This makes it increasingly important to understand and manage in a way that is unique and adapted for them. The MAMA program helps us to understand this difference and equips us with tools that are specialized for art and cultural industries. The program helps us in developing and polishing the skills that are needed to manage the arts better and become efficient arts managers.

Kopal Singh - Indian
MAMA 2016