EMMIO Patronage

The EMMIO knowledge base is a 'living thing' and it evolves based on training needs and emerging topics and issues on the global agenda.
For this reason, the EMMIO program leverages on expert professional networks and communities of practice to continuously generate and exchange knowledge on managerial practices, systems and tools.


SDA Bocconi is proud Academic Partner of the Association of Human Resources in International Organizations (AHRMIO); the Association is dedicated to furthering the management of people and human talent in not-for-profit international organizations in the governmental and non-governmental sectors through generation and sharing of knowledge, provision of professional development opportunities and organization of events to discuss and advance the state-of-the-practice in HR management.
SDA Bocconi partners with AHRMIO to generate and disseminate knowledge on human talent management issues and practices; in 2016 we produced a research publication on change 'capabilities' and change actors in international organizations. In September 2017, SDA Bocconi, hosted the 2017 Annual Conference of AHRMIO at its premises in Milan.
These activities are synergic with EMMIO in the context of the systemic investment of SDA Bocconi to establish itself as an influencer and content generator to effectively support management practices and reforms in the multilateral system. 

Career Development Roundtable

SDA Bocconi is proud to partner with the CDR to develop original contents and advance knowledge on Human Resource management, with the aim to contribute to continuously improve management practices in International Organizations.

The CDR aims to improve the management of Human Resources in International Organizations by creating a network dedicated to share best practices, generate and spread knowledge on Human Capital topics and issues.

Global Careers Fair

SDA Bocconi and Global Careers Fair, the largest online recruitment events and job board of its kind are working hand-in-hand to train the leaders of the future and offer them career opportunities in International Organisations (IOs), the International Public Sector (IPS) and Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs).

Global Food Security Cluster

SDA Bocconi is proud partner of the Global Food Security Cluster (GFSC), established to coordinate the food security response during a humanitarian crisis, addressing issues of food availability, access and utilization. The GFSC is an innovative inter-agency, across the board mechanism continuously experimenting with innovative ways to boost preparedness, fight vulnerability of national systems, increase humanitarian assistance effectiveness and increase UN-non UN cooperation.

EMMIO participates to the intense knowledge exchange and generation of the Cluster and brings its valuable lessons learned to class. 


SDA Bocconi is proud partner of impactpool, the world’s fastest growing international development career website.

EMMIO and impactpool are working synergically to provide quality education to international development practitioners while supporting the IOs community in recruiting competent leaders and managers that will be able to tackle the complexities and managerial challenges faced by international institutions. 

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