Executive Education

Open Programs

Imagination is as important as ever. Italy owes its reputation of excellence to its tradition of imagination and creativity, and we believe that much of the SDA Bocconi School of Management success in educating executives for the international business world comes from this foundation. As executives interact more and more with markets that have become increasingly global in nature, they need the right kind of knowledge and skills to build competitive products, brands and services. Executives need to complement their sense of entrepreneurship with an understanding of customer needs and habits in an international setting. Most of all, they have to manage companies that share a common culture of values and practices that can be applied all over the world.


Custom Programs

SDA Bocconi designs and carries out customized programs for public and private, national and international institutions, with an operational, systematic and holistic approach that combines the organization’s strategic objectives with the individual’s professional and personal development. In partnership with our clients, we create value by building training programs tailored to their specific business context.