EMMIO Online Class | Ethics in International Organizations - Non-military Intervention: Oprah in South Africa

May 2022 09:15 - 12:30 | CEST

EMMIO ONLINE CLASS:  Ethics in International Organizations – “Non-military Intervention: Oprah in South Africa"

The course aims at raising awareness and sensitivity to the values and ethical issues inherent in ‘mission driven’ organizations. It examines the role played by ethics in IOs and provides the tools and strategies to successfully address their specific ethical issues. The course explores a handful of ethical frameworks, which can serve as launch pads for understanding the role of ethics in IOs and its relation with both individual and organizational aspects. Issues such as conflicts between personal and organizational values/culture; the role of ethics in decision-making processes; and the importance of the development of ethics programs and an ethical culture in an organization will be discussed.

25 May 2022, 9:15 - 12:30 (CEST)

Keynote Speaker
Giunia Valeria Gatta, Adjunct Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences Bocconi University

We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to the EMMIO world.

Keynote Speakers

Giunia Valeria Gatta
Adjunct Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences Bocconi University

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