Jan 2024 14:00 - 14:45 | CET

Talk with the MIHMEP Coordinator and Alumni

Format Online
Language ENGLISH
Location Online

Microsoft Teams

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about MIHMEP, the Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy, and interact with the Coordinator Andrea Rotolo. This session will be led on Teams by MIHMEP Recruiter Advisor, Priscilla Gatto.


Priscilla Gatto and Andrea Rotolo will be joined by a panel of our alumni from different countries and sectors so that you can hear from SDA Bocconi - MIHMEP Alumni as they discuss their backgrounds, career goals, why they chose the MIHMEP program, and their thoughts and experiences as students in Milan.


Don't miss this opportunity to ask them your questions. 

We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to the SDA Bocconi world.

Keynote Speakers

Andrea Rotolo
Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy
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Mariela Reyes Hernández
MIHMEP 2023, Guatemala
Healthcare Management specialization
Consultant IQVIA
Risvin Naser
MIHMEP 2022, India
Pharma & Medical Tech. specialization
Medical Doctor | Life Science Consultant | Global Market Access | Precision Medicine | Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence
Ana Stevanović
MIHMEP 2013, Serbia
Global Health and Development specialization
Coaching & Public Speaking | MedEd Consulting | International Bestselling Author
Priscilla Gatto
Recruiting & Admissions

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