Nov 2023 18:30 - 19:30 | LOCAL TIME

MBA: Focus on our Career Development Center

Format Face to face
Language ENGLISH
Location Milano

Via Sarfatti 10

Why Attend?
Join us for an enlightening session focusing on the Career Development Center at SDA Bocconi. This event is your exclusive opportunity to deepen your understanding of the transformative value of an SDA Bocconi Full-Time MBA. Discover how this qualification is not just a credential, but a timeless diamond that continually enriches your personal and professional journey, enabling radical changes in geography, sector, and function.

What Will You Learn?

- The Value of an MBA: Understand how an MBA is a lifelong investment, continually enhancing your personal and professional value.

- Transformational Journey: Explore the myriad of changes and opportunities an MBA can unlock, with insights into real-life stories from our distinguished alumni.

- Structured vs Unstructured Opportunities: Delve into the significance of networking and learn how to navigate and leverage both structured and unstructured opportunities to advance your career.

Meet the Career Development Center, Director, and Recruiting & Admission Office!
This event provides a unique opportunity to interact with the Career Development Center, the Director, and the Recruiting & Admission Office of SDA Bocconi. Gain insights into how the Full-Time MBA can act as a catalyst for your personal and professional evolution and learn more about the application process, program details, and career opportunities.

Interact & Expand Your Horizons
This is a golden opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and get a glimpse into the enriching world of SDA Bocconi. Whether you are looking to elevate your personal value or explore new professional horizons, this event will equip you with the insights and connections you need.

Step Into the SDA Bocconi World!
We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to the transformative and enriching world of SDA Bocconi. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about how our Full-Time MBA can be the turning point in your personal and professional journey!

In case you cannot attend the event in person, you may as well join the concurrent live webcast.

Keynote Speakers

Stefano Pogutz
go to cv
Alfredo Llovet
MBA class leader & Alumni advisor- Career Development Center
Talia Mascioli
Alumna MBA47,
Strategic Corporate Development Manager M&A at Robeco
Daniele Trecroci
Alumnus MBA46,
Product Manager at Hilti Group
Valentina Mardegan
Recruiting & Admissions

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