Angelini Industries and SDA Bocconi come together again for 3rd Angelini Industries Future Leaders Program

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For the third consecutive year, Angelini Industries and SDA Bocconi have joined forces to create the Angelini Industries Future Leaders Program, a program for management training and professional development, directed by Silvia Zamboni, Core Faculty at SDA Bocconi. Designed for young international talents joining the group, the program lasts 12 months and was co-designed with the Angelini Academy, Angelini Industries' corporate academy.

This is an excellent example of the "philosophy" of the School's tailor-made courses. In fact, the close collaboration with Angelini Industries has made it possible to adapt the program to emerging multibusiness needs, taking advantage of the valuable feedback from those who participated in previous editions and the coordination and alignment meetings between SDA Bocconi and the Angelini Academy.


The objective of the program is to provide young people who have a high potential for growth a foundation of general management knowledge that enables them to make informed and evolved decisions and to read the competitive environment in which Angelini Industries operates as well as key factors for the proper management of major business processes.

This is why, after some coordination meetings with the Angelini Academy managers, the key skills needed to grow quickly in the company were defined. Moments in classroom to address the general management part and the development of relational and negotiation soft skills alternate "in-the-field" learning spaces through job assignments to be carried out within the different Angelini Industries companies.


One of the biggest challenges that the school and Angelini Industries faced was the need to organize the content while taking into account the diverse backgrounds of the participants. Heterogeneous educational backgrounds, different nationalities, previous experience in different sectors required an elaborate program design that was built based on pre-assessment tests to assess the initial preparation of each participant and fill any gaps with ad-hoc material. This allowed the heterogeneity of the classroom to become an opportunity for cross-learning among participants, who can compare and create meaningful professional relationships for their future in the company.


After completing the course, participants will be able to make effective decisions under uncertain conditions through data analysis and modeling of future macroeconomic scenarios. In addition, they will gain the skills necessary to understand and interpret financial statement information, its structure and content, as well as recognize key ratios related to the analysis of company profitability, soundness, solvency, and growth. The program's multidisciplinary approach will provide essential tools for evaluating the most effective marketing and sales strategies, implementing lateral thinking in innovation processes, understanding sustainable operations and supply chain strategies, and the impact of new technologies and digital transformation on different business processes. The development of negotiation and collaboration skills within multicultural teams through simulations and role playing will complete the training. 



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