A special “New Space” issue edited by SDA Bocconi's SEE Lab for the prestigious magazine.

The new issue, "Space Economy Evolution”, will be edited by SEE Lab and its Director Simonetta Di Pippo.


SDA Bocconi's Space Economy Evolution Lab (SEE Lab) will be featured in a new issue of "New Space," an authoritative scientific journal that covers space economics, innovation and entrepreneurship. The issue, entitled "Space Economy Evolution”, will feature SEE Lab Director Simonetta Di Pippo as Guest Editor. Her contribution, and that of the SEE Lab, will be to edit and evaluate all papers sent to the journal's editorial board so as to ensure the publication of articles and contributions connoted by authoritative academic relevance.

The main objective of this special issue is to collect scientific papers that analyze the innovation of companies' business model and highlight the impact of public policies on the development of the space economy.

The space economy constitutes a dynamic ecosystem characterized by technological innovation and continuous evolution. This evolution is driven by changes in the roles of government players in setting innovative policies that promote development and a more competitive ecosystem on a global scale. At the same time, entrepreneurial initiatives and innovative business models are also essential for supporting the commercialization of technology and services derived from space assets. In other words, it is about the involvement of businesses in public programs through new partnership models prepared by space institutions and agencies; it’s a significant paradigm shift that is attracting the attention of governments and  international space agencies.

In this sense, large companies, SMEs and emerging startups have a golden opportunity to create value in the service of technological innovation, scientific progress, and the prosperity of entire communities. This new model for public-private collaboration not only stimulates economic growth and resilience, but also facilitates the creation of a favorable environment for global competitiveness.

More specifically, the publication edited by the SEE Lab focuses on a number of specific topics: the most interesting projects and technology implemented in recent years, analysis and insight into international collaborative strategies, new models of public-private partnerships, and the growing interest from companies in anything that can create value not only in terms of business, but by also aligning business strategies with societal demands and objectives.


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