The Circular Fashion Manifesto’s 2022 best practices update


On 23 September, during the Milano Fashion Week, the partners in the Monitor for Circular Fashion, created by SDA Bocconi School of Management and powered by Enel X, presented an update to their commitment to the The Sustainability Pledge project, led by Maria Teresa Pisani, Economic Cooperation and Trade Division’s Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

In 2022, the Monitor for Circular Fashion’s partner companies have been working to test the traceability, sustainability and circularity KPIs of their pilot projects.

Consistently with the Monitor for Circular Fashion’s goals, the pilot projects’ objectives are:

  1. Establishing teamwork between ingredient brands, brands & retailers and service providers
  2. Building reliable sustainability claims to fight Greenwashing
  3. Implementing and testing industry specific KPIs into real-life products, referring to Circular Fashion Activities
  4. Implementing eco-design principles into a real-life product

Here are the circularity pilot projects presented by the partners in the Monitor:

  1. Anima, developed by RadiciGroup, Save The Duck and Vibram;
  2. Component Shoes developed by Candiani Denim and Vibram;
  3. Eco-designed jeans by Kering and Candiani Denim;
  4. M-Pocket by Manteco and RadiciGroup;
  5. Repairing T-shirts, developed by Oscalito and Albini Group with Letizia Cruciani;
  6. Think Leather developed by Holding Moda together with Quid;
  7. Trace Me by Vitale Barberis Canonico with Quid;
  8. What if bag developed by OVS and RadiciGroup with Quid.

who is a partner in the implementation of all pilot projects through their t!Journey platform, created the mobile-oriented experiences for the individual products, designed with SDA Bocconi and the respective companies. Through customer journeys Temera provided a digital voice to the items, making traceability and transparency information accessible by scanning the QR code on the product tags.

Monitor for Circular Fashion’s Director, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Francesca Romana Rinaldi confirms: “The new Circular Fashion Manifesto includes some results from the 2022 Monitor for Circular Fashion Report, that will be presented at the end of November with proposals from Monitor companies about concrete actions and tools to accelerate the European Green Transition, starting with educating stakeholders on eco-design issues, traceability and transparency, as well as new models to use fashion products”.

Maria Teresa Pisani, Lead of the UNECE Sustainability Pledge initiative emphasized: “Traceability and transparency are at the core of UNECE’s work to accelerate the circular economic transition. However, to achieve systemic change in the fashion industry, every action in the right direction matters. We are applauding the newly launched Circular Fashion Manifesto and are delighted to see the great achievements of the Monitor for Circular Fashion in our UNECE Sustainability Pledge community. This is another step forward to accelerate transformation at scale and to join forces, for the sustainable clothing industry of the future.”

The “Circular Fashion Manifesto 2022, best practices update” can be found in the Monitor for Circular Fashion’s website at

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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