Summer E&M: The Sea and the Mountains as Resources (Not Only for Tourism)



The Dossier of issue 3-2022 of Economia&Management is dedicated to an extensive analysis of two fundamental resources for our country: seas and mountains. As the Editor-in-Chief Fabrizio Perretti reminds us in his editorial, these are two areas “where complex dynamics of economic exploitation and preservation of the environment are interwoven and require particular attention, patience, and responsibility.”

From the evolution of lifestyles and consumer behavior to the development of cutting-edge industries, from the organization of the 2026 Olympics to new tourist trends, from technologies in shipbuilding to the renewed relationship between cities and mountains, the articles in this dossier offer a full spectrum panorama of the problems and opportunities linked to sea and mountain areas, and their management and potential development.

In addition, the Focus of this issue is dedicated to responsible finance, with contributions from authors who are part of the new REPAiR Lab - Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance of SDA Bocconi.

The contents are completed by the visual reading and the podcast on how to extract value from governance, and various articles by important authors on current and frontier managerial issues.

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