CREM, excellent management for chronic cardiology and diabetes

A new advanced training course with SANOFI kicks off


Giving advanced managerial answers to the emerging needs of public health has long been one of SDA Bocconi’s missions. Today, this mission finds further “grounding” with the first edition of CREM - Chronicity Excellence Management, an advanced course in the health management of chronic diseases, created with the unconditional contribution of French pharmaceutical group SANOFI, and aimed at the communities of cardiology and diabetes professionals, two constantly evolving sectors that are crucial for the future of modern medicine.

The course is under the scientific direction of Francesca Lecci, SDA Bocconi Associate Professor of Practice of Government, Health and Not for Profit, and is intended for 30 high-potential cardiologists and diabetologists from different geographical areas, who already hold leadership roles or will be holding them in the near future, thanks to this advanced training program. The goal is to consolidate the managerial skill set specific to their profession and to develop an innovative strategy and organization for the management of chronic disease. “The governance of chronic conditions is the biggest challenge for all health systems. It requires not only major clinical care skills, but also qualified leadership and a strong managerial orientation, as well as the activation of systematic comparison processes within a qualified professional community,” Francesca Lecci said.

This 15-day advanced training course is approved for curricular purposes and requires attendance of at least 12 sessions. It will analyze different topics such as environment and scenarios, strategy and organization, measurement and performance management, people management and partnerships as well as service management. The course will close with the discussion of a final group project (Field Project).

More specifically, the training will help professionals find new service formulas and a new role in the NHS’ organizational structure, as well as reposition the diabetes and cardiology areas within integrated chronicity management models, and govern cost dynamics and service effectiveness with a view to value creation.

We are very happy to be with SDA Bocconi School of Management on a journey that aims at fostering better training conditions for the managers of today and tomorrow, who will be a significant resource for the country to face the many challenges of public health,” said Alessandro Crevani, General Manager of Sanofi General Medicines. “Sanofi’s challenge and mission is to work daily, with commitment and dedication, to reverse the course of chronic diseases by being close to patients, their families and the medical profession. It is a priority for us to pool our expertise, commitment and experience in cardiovascular disease and diabetes in order to fully meet the needs of a complex system such as chronic disease management.”

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