Two Deans for one GEMBA

The Rotman - SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA


The Rotman - SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) class of 2024 has completed the Module 2 in Milan, ending December 3, following the start of the program at end of September 2022 in Toronto, at the Rotman School of Management. The Milan module was a success and well received by all participants, who also gained a special visit during their in-class learning activities. For the first time since the first edition of the dual degree program between the Rotman School of Management and SDA Bocconi, the two respective Deans entered the class for a remarkable joint speech.

Prof. Susan Christoffersen, Dean of the Rotman School of Management since May 2021, professor of Finance, said, “It has been a great pleasure meeting with the senior leadership of SDA Bocconi in this Milan visit, and I couldn't wait to come to the GEMBA class to address, on behalf of my school, all participants with our warmest welcome to the Milano module. This is a strong partnership, between two schools that have a lot in common, with several colleagues co-operating on different projects in both schools, and there is no doubt that the Milan module will deliver mind-blowing learning thanks to the quality of the Faculty."

Prof. Stefano Caselli, newly appointed Dean of SDA Bocconi, has underlined that “the GEMBA program stays, and it will stay, on the top line of our educational offer, being the flagship program of the MBA family at SDA Bocconi as well as at Rotman’s. Our both schools have been working hard to make this joint initiative take off, and we are both deeply satisfied of the results achieved so far. This class of 2024 is one more time the proof that the program consistently attracts high caliber, top talented and diverse group of experienced managers from literally all over the world, The combination of diverse backgrounds and business experience ensures a tremendous cross fertilization of ideas and accelerated learning opportunities, that make the GEMBA unique"

Like past editions, the distinctive learning approach of the current GEMBA module blends high-end knowledge, through MBA courses, with on-site case studies that translate theories into practice. The start of the module was enriched with the Stevanato Live case, thanks to the visit on campus of the senior leaders of the company, Mr. Franco Stevanato and Mr. Mauro Stocchi, who spent an entire morning with the class. The two Learning Safaris were hosted at Cimbali, the Italian top leading brand in coffee machine manufacturing, and Maserati, at the Modena headquarters. Ferdinando Pennarola, GEMBA Academic director, said that “in both site visits GEMBA participants had a privileged opportunity of a private conversation with our hosts, as senior representatives of distinctive Italian based firms that are admired in their industry, both having more than 100 years of heritage." 

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