The new issue of E&M addresses the prospects for US-Europe Relations Management


The Dossier of the third issue of the year of Economia&Management offers a reflection on the United States from the standpoint of geopolitics and economic-managerial scenarios. As Fabrizio Perretti writes in his editorial, "The attempt is to understand the geopolitical and cultural role that America will exercise in the future, including in light of the new presidency, and the importance of its markets for our companies."


It is widely thought that the US economy is heading into a period of growth in the next two years, which opens up interesting business opportunities for European and Italian companies in various sectors: from infrastructure to services, from mechanics to mass consumption goods, from fashion to the agricultural and food sector.


However, while on the one hand there are positive prospects for US-Europe relations, the road towards technological sovereignty undertaken by Europe, and the legislative activism in regard to American Big Tech companies could lead to scenarios of tension with the Biden administration.


In addition to the Dossier, as always, the new issue of the magazine contains many other contributions: the Focus, by Andrea Sironi, reminds us that investing in human capital is a fundamental tool for relaunching the country, while the contribution from Alfonso Fuggetta on the need for an "Innovator country" revives the debate on the role of the state in the Italian economy, a theme addressed in the previous issue of Economia&Management. The contents are completed with the visual reading and the podcast on the value of sustainability in real estate and various articles by important figures on current and cutting-edge managerial issues.

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