Vodafone and SDA Bocconi partner to reach a new marketing frontier

Vodafone Marketing Academy on its way


Vodafone Italia have decided to invest in the future of their managers and professionals by creating Vodafone Marketing Academy, a learning project developed with SDA Bocconi to design an increasingly data-driven customer relationship model, based on enhanced trust and on the emotional value of the brand. The online kick-off of the initiative took place in the presence of Vodafone Italia’s CEO Aldo Bisio and Bocconi University’s Rector Gianmario Verona. For further details, there will be a live streaming on Corriere.it, on May 12 from 3:00 to 3:30 pm.

The idea originated and developed within a broader process of skill transformation starting in 2018, that has enabled Vodafone to reinforce their strengths and build a new system of competences to address market challenges in an increasingly evolving and uncertain scenario. This new model for the development of competences is based on customer relationships which are in turn built and strengthened by using the most innovative inductive marketing tools. Through data analysis, inductive marketing enables you to adapt actions according to consumer response and choices.

Vodafone Academy’s learning journey will support over 350 people in creating, interpreting and using customer insights both to improve existing value propositions and activate innovation processes that match real customer and market needs.

“Vodafone Marketing Academy is part of a broader journey to transform the competences of all the people at Vodafone Italia,” said Aldo Bisio. “The digitalization process that is taking place across society and its components is pushing us to find new propositions, to build and re-interpret distinguishing elements and give value to the experience of our clients. Thanks to this project we aim at making marketing the innovation engine of the company.”

“This new initiative strengthens cooperation around pioneering topics between the Bocconi ecosystem and Vodafone’s universe, that started in 2017 with the creation of our Machine Learning and Data Science chair,” said Gianmario Verona. “It builds on a journey that aims at developing human capital both with the new generations of students and with established professionals. Binding us together is a taste for innovation across academic research, learning processes and company execution.”

“SDA Bocconi is committed to supporting organizations in the various stages of their development. Moving to a data-driven economy is disruptive for all corporate functions and populations. Working alongside Vodafone in such a crucial transition, when re-skilling is increasingly putting consumers at the heart of the company, is a challenge for everyone,” Vodafone Marketing Academy’s scientific director Alessandro Arbore concluded.

SDA Bocconi School of Management.

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