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The e-book #ValorePubblico. Uno sguardo sulla PA che cambia is a new product in digital format brought to you by SDA Insight. “Booklets” are a new section of the Insight website made up of multimedial e-books that offer a quick, original read, while taking a systematic approach to content that has appeared on SDA Bocconi Insight, refashioned and fleshed out in modern book form.

The first e-book, which readers can freely access simply by filling in a registration form, is a collection of redrafts of articles published by Raffaella Saporito on her blog #ValorePubblico.

From the centrality of management, to the role of education in the civic life of our country; from the need to revamp the application process and rebuild access routes to the PA, to new models for refresher courses and reskilling employees; from the public/private relationship, to the repercussions of smart working on employee productivity and wellbeing: the seven chapters of this e-book offer readers a broad, yet fine-grained view of various spheres of Public Administration.

Never before has it been so essential to gain a new awareness of the role of the PA in our country, and to rediscover the reasons why it is useful in value creation. #ValorePubblico. Uno sguardo sulla PA che cambia was written with this objective in mind, and offers readers a clear view, one untainted by those preconceived notions that unfortunately are all too often part of any conversation about the Public Administration.

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