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Bocconi university joins an event organized on 20 november by the plastic free association for the cleaning of three parks adjacent to the campus.

Attention to the environment, sustainability, and a strong commitment to reducing consumption are the guidelines that Bocconi University has been pursuing for some years now, involving the entire community that studies and works on the University campus. The support that the university in via Sarfatti has given to the initiative of the Plastic Free non-profit association for a day of plastic collection, which will take place on the morning of Saturday 20 November, from 9,30 to 11,30, fits into this perspective. Coordinated by Plastic Free representatives, students, faculty and staff of the University have volunteered to clean up three urban green areas located in areas adjacent to Bocconi from plastic and other waste: Ravizza park, Resistance park, and the park of Industrial Heritage.
"The Bocconi community’s stand on environmental issues is a continuous commitment that does not end in the progressive containment of resources but sees the University committed to pursuing a broader path, that of 360-degree sustainability", says Riccardo Taranto, Managing Director of the Bocconi University. "Our participation in the initiative is therefore part of this path and the choice of the three places to clean up is also evidence of the University's attention to the city context of which we are part.”
"We are honored by this collaboration with Bocconi University", says Antonio Rancati, general secretary of Plastic Free Odv Onlus, "for the triple event in the parks around the Campus with students, faculty and university staff. Considering the numerous green solutions already adopted in recent years on its campus, we hope that this collaboration can create a long and positive path for many other events. They would serve to promote greater awareness among the younger generations on the distorted use of mono-use plastic and, even more seriously, plastic that cannot be seen, microplastic in rivers and the sea that ends up in the food chain with serious damage to us all."

The initiative is aimed in particular at young people, who in recent years have been showing a strong interest and an equally strong commitment to safeguarding the planet, their home of the present and above all of the future: "This event represents for us the chance to get together, have fun, and do something that has a positive impact on the areas around our campus ", says Giacomo Levoni, 21, enrolled in the third year of BIEM and head of the Green campus section of the GreenLight student association, who will be there in force for the event, "and at the same time to make young people, and everyone, more sensitive to environmental issues and in particular to issues of highly polluting materials such as plastic".

"Since 2012, Bocconi University has set up the Sustainability Committee, composed of faculty, staff members and students, with the task of promoting and coordinating projects and initiatives that have as their objective sustainability and sustainable development, among which is the adherence to the Plastic Free Onlus event. This confirms the commitment to reduce the consumption of plastic, as well as energy, water, paper and so on.  The hope is that it can help raise awareness in the Bocconi community to make a difference and produce positive changes for people and the planet. Because it's time for all of us to act together," says Francesco Perrini, President of the Sustainability Committee and Director of the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab. 

Materials for the collection (bags, gloves, tongs) will be provided to the participants at the event.

All participants will be insured for the duration of the event.

To register for events:

Parco Ravizza
Parco della Resistenza
Parco delle Memorie industriali

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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