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A new agreement for the Space Economy between SDA Bocconi and the European Space Agency ESA


The European Space Agency and the Space Economy Evolution, SEE Lab have finalized a collaboration agreement called ESA_Lab@SEELab. The agreement was signed by Jan Wörner, Director General of ESA and Giuseppe Soda, Dean of the SDA Bocconi School of Management.

The purpose of ESA_Lab@, a cooperation scheme initiated in 2017, is to establish strong institutional ties between the European Space Agency, academia, industry and other entities. This cooperation is then leveraged through numerous different approaches. On one level, the cooperation helps to define new technical and business approaches which can be applied to the rapidly evolving space sector. On another, it is also used to attract and educate young and talented people; encouraging them to get involved in space activities. This can take into account how the space ‘angle’ can provide disruptive and future-oriented solutions. Lastly, the cooperation with ESA brings with it an cross-cultural focus; highlighting the strength of international activities and developments.

The SEE Lab is the new SDA Bocconi’s multidisciplinary reserach lab for the study of the space economy evolution. The SEE Lab - a global community including industries, technological centres, and national and international space institutions - uses innovative strategies to tackle the challenges posed by the evolution of space economy. The SEE Lab will adopt a holistic research methodology englobing scientific, technical, economic, financial, and legal aspects of space activities. 

The aim of ESA_Lab@SEELab is to contribute to the integration of space opportunities into European society and its economy; capitalising on the expertise of ESA, academic, industrial and technological centres with the final goal to shape and support European public space policies.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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