‘Science and technology define the limits of what is possible. The realization of the ‘possible’ depends on the economic and political benefits to human beings here on Earth’.
Giovanni Bignami

A new kind of space exploration

Once, the space race was driven by nations and powered by innovation. 

Now, technological innovation alone is no longer enough. Global competition has created a fast-growing commercial space, one demanding a unique blend of scientific, financial, and business knowledge.

So how can companies, organizations, and institutions understand the special challenges and opportunities in this new frontier of commerce?

What Is The See Lab

The SEE LabSpace Economy Evolution Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management with its Founding Members Sitael, Space Alliance, Stellar Project, Avio, is a multidisciplinary research lab focused on analysis of the space economy. Producing knowledge on innovation and strategy for industrial and financial companies and public institutions, the SEE Lab pioneers a new understanding of the space economy.


Our mission is twofold.


First, to provide the latest insights of the economics and business of space to private corporations and public institutions that are space-oriented.


Second, to enlighten non-space industries and financial companies about the business and financial opportunities presented by the space economy, paving the way for them to develop interests within the space industry.


Ultimately, our goal is to equip public and private organizations with the cutting-edge knowledge they need to operate, grow and thrive in the space industry.

Our unique approach

The emerging space industry is highly complex. Fast-changing and experimental, it requires both a deep understanding of innovative technology and strong business acumen.

The value of the SEE Lab relies on horizontal skills:


key core competencies of SDA Bocconi School of Management and Bocconi University Faculty, Labs, Monitor, and Research Centers:




innovation and entrepreneurship




international law


economics and statistics

key non-core sources of knowledge derived from established partnerships:


technology assessment


law and regulatory review


international space policy

The domains of analysis are centered on space economy in Earth and beyond Earth orbit.


The domains are investigated applying the key core competencies and the non-core sources of knowledge to vertical know-how:


economic impact


economic sustainability


risk management


market structure


technology innovation


policy intelligence


So that our clients can be confident of empowering their mission with the most insightful, cutting-edge and meaningful knowledge, enabling them to succeed in space.