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“Science and technology define the limits of what is possible. The realization of the «possible» depends on the economic and political benefits to human beings here on Earth”.
Giovanni Bignami

Nowadays, the space industry is characterized by a global competition. In technology-intensive sectors, a key success factor for long-term competitive advantage is represented by the rate of innovation that relies on scientific knowledge and technological advancements. However, in the fast-growing commercial space, a solid business and financial sense is critical to tackle the challenges and the opportunities that arise in the dynamics of the external environment. Thus, a key driver for future leading space firms is the establishment of an organizational culture made of different and complementary capabilities that encompass scientific, technological, and business experiences and practices.​

The SEE Lab


The Space Economy Evolution (SEE) Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management with its Founding members Sitael, Space Alliance, Stellar Project, is a multidisciplinary center for the study of the Space Economy, considering the interplay between its financial, economic, technical, legal, political and international relations aspects.​ ​ The SEE Lab helps private companies and public institutions to solve the challenges posed by the space market. It provides stakeholders with actionable intelligence based on solid academic methodology with pragmatic executive experience.​

What is the SEE Lab?

The Space Economy Evolution Laboratory (SEE Lab) is a multidisciplinary research lab focused on the analysis of the space economy. ​ The SEE Lab produces constant knowledge on innovative and strategic topics for industrial and financial companies and public institutions​.


The key objectives of the SEE Lab are twofold:​

  • supply knowledge of the economics and business of space to space-related private corporations and public institutions;​
  • enlighten non-space industries and financial companies about the business and financial opportunities of the space economy to set up a common ground with the space industry.


The value of the SEE Lab is the application of multiple skills and capabilities to the study of the Space Economies.

The applied disciplines are:

  • strategy
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • finance
  • international law
  • economics and statistics and ​international organizations.
  • key non-core sources of knowledge derived from established partnerships
  • technology assessment
  • law and regulatory review and ​international space policy.

The domains of analysis are centered on space economy in Earth and beyond Earth orbit. The domains are investigated applying the key core competencies and the non-core sources of knowledge to vertical know-how: ​

  • economic impact
  • economic sustainability​
  • risk management​
  • market structure
  • technology innovation and ​ policy intelligence.