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“Science and technology define the limits of what is possible. The realization of the «possible» depends on the economic and political benefits to human beings here on Earth”.
Giovanni Bignami

The SEE Lab

The Space Economy Evolution (SEE) Lab is a multidisciplinary centre for the study of the Space Economy, considering the interplay between its financial, economic, technical, legal, political and international relations aspects.

The SEE Lab helps private companies and public institutions to solve the challenges posed by the space market. It provides stakeholders actionable intelligence based on solid academic methodology with pragmatic executive experience.

The Evolution of The Space Economy

Since its inception, the Space Economy has grown rapidly. The governmental and military programs of the 1950s and 1960s were fundamental in the emergence of the Space Economy, mainly in the circum-terrestrial orbit.

In recent years, this sector is being increasingly challenged with the emergence of new commercial dynamics, creating a New Space ecosystem. This new ecosystem highlights a deviation from the historical approach to government-led space financing, and points to the an increasing involvement of private companies in research and use of new design and development processes, innovative technologies and skills, and new business practices.

The new enterprises investments are setting the stages for the commercialisation of space initiatives by encouraging competitive markets in Earth-orbit and beyond. In particular, the ranges of innovative private activities comprise different areas of investments for examples: integrated systems of small satellites, innovative launchers solutions, new niche of satellites services, the mining of celestial bodies, the deep space infrastructure, etc.  In this context, the governments and space agencies are increasingly exploring new forms of partnerships with these emerging actors to engage them in future programs and to reap mutual benefits.

Why SEE Lab?

In this evolving landscape, the SEE Lab brings together economic, business, and legal expertise with a broad spectrum of scientists and engineers for designing and implementing different projects addressing public and private actors operating in the space sector. In particular, the SEE Lab has the purpose to help its members and research affiliate companies in developing their business, enlarging their network, and facing other challenges posed by the space market, by providing researches, organizing events and educational activities on specific topics. Furthermore, the SEE Lab also provides opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to actively participate in cutting edge research and learning.

The specific advantages provided by the SEE Lab are:

Our Approach

The SEE Lab operates, at the same time, as a Think Tank and a Networking Catalyst.

  • Think Tank: The SEE Lab provides a comprehensive investigation of New Space Economy in Earth-orbit and beyond. The areas of expertise (Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Intellectual Property Law, Policy, Innovation and Technology, and International Law) are supported by SDA Bocconi Knowledge Groups and Bocconi University. External partners, sustaining additional areas of knowledge such as Technology, Science and Policy benefit the SEE Lab in its activities.
  • Networking Catalyst: the SEE Lab has the function of Catalyst aiming to create a New Space Ecosystem for space and non-space companies. This represents a strategic alliance with the ultimate scope to influence the new space paradigm with innovative ideas and businesslike solutions.
    The SEE Lab’s New Space Ecosystem is composed by two blocks:

The combination of these blocks gives rise to SEE Lab’s activities.

Further information on the Members and Partners of the SEE Lab in the Team section.