Some Light on the Futures of Health



New trends in demography, technology, economy and culture affect the demands on and organization of international healthcare systems. Last week 240 scholars and practitioners met at Bocconi to assess how such changes are actually impacting healthcare systems at the EHMA 2017 Annual Conference, aptly titled Health Futures.
Bocconi organized 12 of the 35 parallel sessions of the conference, “displaying, thus, all the competences developed in many years”, says Federico Lega, Director Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy, MIHMEP and Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University, local organizer of the conference and chair of EHMA Scientific Committee. “We’ve been proud to have as keynote speakers major players of the sectors, such as Josep Figueras, Jan Kimpen and David Sloman”.
EHMA, European Health Management Association, is a membership organization that aims to build the capacity and raise the quality of health management in Europe. Members are healthcare managers, healthcare professionals, health policy makers, researchers and educators. The annual conference is an international knowledge sharing event, where participants from all around Europe and beyond have the opportunity to share their knowledge and explore fundamental managerial and policy issues.
Bocconi University had already hosted the EHMA Annual Conference in 2013.
“Something interesting has emerged for our country”, Prof. Lega continues, “because Italy seems to be able to play a major role in all the envisioned health futures, thanks to its strong competences in fields such as surgical robotics and advanced information technology”.

Source: Bocconi Knowledge

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