Andrea Beltratti faces his duties like Miles Davis


The Associate Dean of the Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division of SDA Bocconi loves jazz music and admires musicians’ ability to adapt

As a jazz music lover, Andrea Beltratti prizes the creative activity of improvisation, meant as the ability to adapt in the face of uncertainty. “You cannot play jazz by reading a score. I try to carry this mindset into my job”. As the new Associate Dean of the Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division of SDA Bocconi, Beltratti is facing challenges worthy of a jazz improviser such as Miles Davis. He mentions three of them: “Merging the Executive Education, Banks and Research divisions; increasing the market value of our programs in order to provide education, research, and solutions to business problems; leading a division dedicated to Claudio Dematté”.

The Dematté Division develops and provides companies with frontier knowledge, helping them understand how to use it to continuously improve business efficiency and to meet their objectives. It provides tailor-made learning experiences through its Executive Programs and Research business units. “The former creates active learning programs in order to actually change skills and behaviors. It also develops projects that help solve specific business problems. The Research business unit supplies on-demand research and helps create and disseminate international frontier research”.

Beltratti, Full professor of Finance at Bocconi University, has been Director of the Undergraduate School and Director of the Degrees in Economics and Social Science and Political Economy. After a degree in Turin, he received a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University. “It was the beating heart of the Keynesian empire, the last intellectual outpost for those who explained the 1929 crisis as a system malfunction and not as the product of an era of widespread laziness. I have studied with two Nobel prizes, Jim Tobin and Bob Shiller. I have published two papers with Bob. I couldn’t have made a better choice”.

Beltratti has also held important roles in the industry. He believes in mixing professional, research and teaching competencies. “I have tried to make advantage of the many synergies between these roles”. He believes that the ongoing dialogue between theory and practice is useful for companies and academics. “I hope that the new division will follow the path of Claudio Dematté and will combine different but highly synergistic fields”.

Source: ViaSarfatti25

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