MISA Challenge: The Master is Free for People Prepared for the Unpredictable



Excellence on the field replaces any merit written on a CV. It’s the idea behind the Misa Challenge, the competition launched by SDA Bocconi’s  Master in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Up for grabs are full and partial exemptions for the 2016 edition of the master. Candidates will be evaluated on a practical test, not on their curriculum vitae. “Observing them acting as entrepreneurs is an idea fully aligned with our set of values. Our students are put to the test on a daily basis”, says Francesco Saviozzi, MISA director. “The Challenge is open to everybody, regardless of their degree. It is a competition, it allows us to appreciate the pure talent of the candidates”.
Between 22 and 30 October, candidates will face the Online Case Challenge. They will have 45 minutes to study a business case on line and 45 more minutes to answer a set of 24 open and multiple choice questions. The best ten will access the Live Challenge that will take place at SDA Bocconi in the second half of November. They will be asked to complete a task (i.e. a management problem or a market analysis) and present their work in front of a panel of judges. The winner will get the full exemption for the master starting in January 2016 (value € 23,000). The runner-up will have a partial exemption of € 11,500, the third and fourth exemptions for € 5,750 each.
MISA is a one year full time program. It is not a specialized training course, it is an accelerator of professional growth. It has an across-the-board approach and it aims to develop entrepreneurial skills. “Our former students have success stories as entrepreneurs, but this is not the most important thing. We want our students to be able to turn continuous change into an opportunity. One of our core values is: be prepared for the unpredictable”.
The idea of being able to face uncertainty is put into effect into experiences that are far from traditional learning. The Survival Series, for instance, are days when anything may happen. Students may be called by a manager to complete a task and give him solid results in a few hours. There are projects that are presented by students to potential investors while the teacher acts as an intermediary. The learning experience is enhanced by project works, business games, talks with testimonials, and an international camp at the Lomonosov State University Business School in Moscow, Russia.
MISA has recently launched another competition announcement. The Startmeup Caleido Group call is a scholarship aimed at one young entrepreneur that is approaching the world of start-ups. The prize is one full exemption for the MISA 2016. The selection follows a traditional pattern: the first phase is based on the evaluation of the curriculum, the second on an interview in which the five best candidates illustrate their entrepreneurial activities undertaken in the last three years and/or those under construction. The registration deadline is November 16.

Source: ViaSarfatti25

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