Rethinking fashion

SDA Bocconi Insight - Zoom On - by E. Corbellini


Fashion is one of the sectors that has been hit the most by the crisis: companies started to lose turnover already in January, as a consequence of the fact that most of the so-called luxury brands generated a large percentage of their turnover either in China either with the Chinese tourists in the world. Then came the fear of contagion during the fashion weeks (with Armani who first had a catwalk closed doors), followed by the closure of the shops first and of the production sites later; with many companies meritoriously engaged in the conversion to the production of medical gowns and masks and many generous donations from the major brands and designers. .


Overall, in a moment of austerity and a focus on inner values, fashion purchases may seem superfluous, frivolous, and unnecessary: ​​leggings and sweatshirt are the official dress code of #stayhome and whole cleaning the wardrobes most of us have realized that they are already full of clothes and accessories. Eventually, the pressure towards a more circular and therefore sustainable fashion had already paved the way for the idea of ​​“spending less to spend better”: less garments but of higher quality and with a more iconic style that lasts over time.




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