An alternative learning delivery plan via live video conferencing

SDA Bocconi for Josoor Institute


As everyone is well aware, the Coronavirus has become a very real health concern for people around the world. SDA Bocconi and Josoor Institute – partners for the organization and delivery of the Diploma Programmes in Sports and Major Events Management in Doha, Qatar – together decided to pro-actively face this global challenge by organizing an alternative learning delivery plan via live video conferencing. From Sunday, March 29th to Wednesday, April 1st more than 90 participants – from 22 countries and mainly residents in Qatar - attended the online sessions of Block 2 of the current edition.


In order to meet this challenge, SDA Bocconi and Josoor Institute teams worked closely together over the last few weeks. Four full-days of sessions were designed and delivered for both the Sports Management and the Major Events Management classes: during the first three days, state-of-the-art contents in the fields of Sport Marketing and Event Planning  were provided by SDA Bocconi Faculty. On the fourth and last day, guest speakers – Niccolò Mornati (Infront) and Claudia Cattai (Balich Worldwide Shows) – brought to the class their extensive experience at the highest level in order to explain how managerial skills are successfully implemented in the international sport and event ecosystems.


Leveraging on the unique features of distance learning, SDA Bocconi staff designed each single session with the aim of creating the most effective means for participants to interact with the professors, as well as among themselves. Multiple technological tools were used such as chats, instant polls, breakout rooms and video contributions.


The initiative was designed and managed by Dino Ruta, Academic Director, with the support of the Programme Directors Deborah Raccagni and Antonio Palmieri.


 “We came to this decision together with our local partner, Josoor Institute” – Prof. Dino Ruta explains – “Of course, we could not deliver face-to-face sessions in Doha, and we agreed that online delivery was the best solution: on the one hand, we protected the health and wellbeing of our delegates, while, on the other hand, we ensured that their learning journey could continue during the crisis. The attendance rate was really high - above 85% - throughout all the sessions. The success of this initiative reveals how effective , a collaborative approach at the international level can be in overcoming the challenges related to the current global crisis”.


A delegate of the Sport Management Diploma Programme, Irina Gerasimova, says "I'd like to express my sincere appreciation and convey my warm thanks to all the members of the Bocconi & Josoor Institute Team who always go the extra mile to turn our learning journey into a great one! In a time of crisis, the ability to quickly adapt to the changing environment is of great importance. And this is what the Team has managed to do within such a limited period of time: to deliver the second block online. No doubt, behind the content of all the high-profile lectures and all those engaging brainstorming exercises, videos and Zoom breakout room activities we have been working on for the past four days, there are enormous efforts from the teams and, perhaps, many sleepless nights. Thank you for being so dedicated, committed and considerate towards us! My gratitude goes beyond words”.


The distance learning delivery plan has been confirmed for the next block – Block 3 – which will take place from June 14th to June 18th.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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