CERGAS partners with the BMGF to help face global health challenges

CERGAS - Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management


Many might consider investing in research and education on behalf of global health unavoidable in today’s crucial situation. For SDA Bocconi, this has been the choice long before the pandemic: CERGAS - Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management has been studying and supporting the health system for over forty years, and is now a full-fledged qualified counterpart for international institutions wanting to invest in this field.


This is confirmed by the recent agreement between CERGAS and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) concerning a research grant to investigate the impact of electronic Logistic Management Information Systems (eLMIS) and Electronic Immunization Registries (EIR) in four developing countries.


Immunizations are among the most impactful global health programs. To reach children with life-saving vaccines, programs require data on children needing vaccines and availability of those vaccines. As programs move toward greater digitization, these data are collected and processed using LMIS and EIR solutions. The BMGF (in collaboration with WHO and GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance) has made substantial investments to study these digital solutions and their potential benefits. However, little evidence exists on their programmatic effectiveness, affordability, and sustainability in diverse national contexts.


Led by CERGAS, a research consortium has been created to propose a comprehensive assessment of the economic, financial and programmatic impact of eLMIS and EIR initiatives in selected low and low to medium income countries. The ultimate goal of this work is to generate robust actionable evidence to support future decisions on the introduction and dissemination of these digital solutions. Issued after a competitive call, the BMGF grant has a great potential to provide high visibility to CERGAS and Bocconi University in the field of global health. Research started in September 2020 and will be developed over an 18 months period.


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