Learning from an actor – Public Speaking for MCF


  • How important is it to be effective during a business presentation?
  • Are we able to manage the attention of our audience?

Starting this year, we are introducing an unusual activity in the Master in Corporate Finance Program: a Seminar on Public Speaking.

Thanks to the involvement of a famous and charismatic Italian theater actor, Lino Guanciale, also active in film and television (to quote some titles: "To Rome with Love" by Woody Allen, "I Peggiori," "Arrivano i prof," but also "The Red Door"), MCF students have the opportunity to discover their limits and correct some mistakes – bad posture, voice intonation - that affect everyone, in order to be aware of their body language and manage anxiety.

In the seminar there are three specific technical areas of intervention concerning the management of frontal communication during a public presentation:

1) management of body language;
2) management of proxemics;
3) basic elements of vocal / articulatory technique.

The aim of the seminar is to enable students to develop an integrated attention to these three different basic technical fronts, to become more effective in managing the attention of the public during a presentation.
The Seminar consists of three meetings with all MCF students, with readings, presentation simulations, individual assignments.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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