Year 2* - July to September 2020

Elective Courses, abroad or at SDA Bocconi, enable you to customize your studies according to your own goals. By choosing an elective, participants personalize their study plan. Participants will be able to choose from a wide a variety of constantly evolving specialized electives.

Some examples of electives:

One-week module between July and October 2019

At SDA Bocconi or at our Partner Institutions (Recanati Executive MBA - Tel Aviv University; Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto; WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management - Vallendar, Germany; EIPM French Geneva Campuses - European Institute of Purchasing Management; IBSS - International Business School Suzhou, China).

Usually individual or group assignment

* Our global alliances are continuously evolving. SDA Bocconi reserves the right to make any change to the contents of the program to leave room for improvement.

Lectio Magistralis of M. Bolingbroke CEO @Inter with @javierzanetti @DinoRuta1 for #EMBA & #GEMBA

  • "I highly recommend the SDA Bocconi Luxury Brand Management elective. SDA Bocconi Professors are among the most engaging business professors I have met. They all have extensive consulting experience and covered a broad spectrum of luxury markets. We were warmly welcomed by the SDA Bocconi EMBA class - Grazie Mille!"

    Andrea Donovan, Canadian| 
    Physician & Co-Founder, Okavana Laboratories - Incoming Exchange Student 2014, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Course Descriptions

Corporate Entrepreneurship
Corporate Entrepreneurship, also known as Intrapreneurship, is about launching new initiatives within existing corporations. These "new initiatives" can be anything from minor process changes to spinning-off entire business units.

Integrative Thinking
This course builds itself on the concepts of Integrative Thinking to provide practical tools aimed at helping you integrate between models. The goal is to produce thinkers who, when faced with a really tough problem and no appealing solutions, see it as their job to build a new solution.

Learning from Luxury Business Insights
Exploring luxury businesses will help you to gain a thorough understanding of the unique rules for successful differentiation strategies. In luxury businesses (product or service-wise), they are taken to the extreme. We identify these unique rules and tools and we deliver a toolkit on how to implement a luxury strategy in different companies and in different contexts. Any organization, from any sector, can learn from luxury and differentiate itself in the long term, even in the business-to-business environment.