A rigorous selection process designed to enroll the right class each year.

When SDA Bocconi receives an application for admission, it carries out a pre-selection process based on the initial documents received. The Admissions Committee then alerts the candidate if they are considered suitable to proceed with the selection process. The final assessment of each application will take place once the candidate has completed all required tests and submitted all required documents. Candidates admitted into the Program must confirm their participation based on deadlines set by the Admissions Service. SDA Bocconi informs each candidate of the result of his or her application in writing.

Admissions pre-requisites

To be considered for admission, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree (in any discipline)
  • Minimum of 5-6 years professional experience
  • Proficiency in English
  • 2 Reference Letters
  • Strong motivation
  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills

Application form

The application form is available exclusively online and must be completed with accurate and precise information regarding your personal and professional experiences and your reasons for attending the Program.

The application form must be completed with:

  • Degree Certificate and a Detailed CV
    An official degree certificate from the College or University attended, along with a transcript of grades for individual courses/modules. The type of degree, date of graduation, dates of enrolment, grades received and the grading scale must be clearly stated in this documentation.
    Applicants who obtained a university degree in Italy must provide a self-declaration of the Degree Certificate and Transcript (form provided by their university). This self-declaration is only for students graduated from Italian universities.
  • Copy of Passport or ID
  • GMAT, GRE or SDA Test
    The GMAT identification code for our MBA program is 3WJ-L8-63. The GRE identification code is 3710. Results obtained before 2013 are no longer valid. It is possible to take the SDA Test as an alternative to the GMAT or GRE. The SDA Test, offered in English, is organized by SDA Bocconi and assesses quantitative, logical and verbal skills. Enrolment for the test is organized directly through the Admissions Service after submission of the application for admission.
  • Proficiency in English
    The Global EMBA is held entirely in English, thus all applicants must be highly proficient in written and spoken English. If English is not your mother tongue, you must submit a result of the TOEFL, IELTSPTE Academic test or CPE test.
    At the testing site, you can specify that your results be sent directly to SDA Bocconi (TOEFL School Code -  0698, PTE School Code -  R7G-6R-23). If you have already taken one of these tests, the original results must be sent directly to the school. Test results prior to January 2016 are no longer valid. A test result may be waived for students who took a degree in English or can document significant professional experience in an English-speaking country.
  • 2 Reference Letters
    These letters must be from people who know you well enough professionally to supply an exhaustive evaluation of your professional performance and provide a detailed evaluation of your qualifications for a Global EMBA. The SDA Bocconi reference tool is available in the online application.
  • Interview
    Candidates will be required to have an interview with a member of the SDA Bocconi Admissions Committee. In cases where the applicant cannot easily travel to Milano, the interview can take place remotely by telephone or webcam.

The application must also be accompanied by:

  • Photo to be uploaded to the online application
  • Payment of EUR 150 application fee, through credit card or with wire transfer