Basic knowledge for all

Optional MBA Online Pre-Courses

Starting from January 2018 the School provides online pre-courses that include Introduction to Financial Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.
These courses are not compulsory for all students, but may be required for those without a background in economics and management.
This is an early bird enrolment advantage that will allow all candidates to access their MBA personalized training, with dedicated faculty,  much earlier than the actual MBA start.

Italian Language and Computing Packages

You do not need to know the Italian language to attend our MBA, but you probably do not want to miss the opportunity to improve your language skills, particularly if you want to look for a job in Italy.
From September to June we offer a free Italian course for students to improve their language skills.

Basic knowledge in the Internet age goes beyond learning a spoken and written language and extends to the learning of some basic computing tools. This is why, in the first few months of our MBA program, we provide free courses in Microsoft Excel as well as the Bloomberg package for Finance and Quantitative Analysis.