Opening Week and Changing Scenarios Week

Opening Week - Daily Activities

One: Know Your School

The first day of the Opening Week you will get to know the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Università Bocconi and your MBA curriculum. You will also celebrate the program’s kick-off with the school’s management, faculty, staff, and a group of alumni that will welcome you on board.


Two: Know Yourself and Your Class

The second day you will experience the international environment of your class and get acquainted with the different profiles and dreams of your classmates.


Three and Four: Know Your Career

In the following days you will have the chance to interact with a sampling of key stakeholders for your future career - recruiters, Career Development and alumni - and participate in a series of trainings to prepare for job search.


Five: Workshop on business ethics and values

Day Five is dedicated to a workshop focused on business ethics and values (e.g. plagiarism, free speech): Ethics at Work. Trough different approaches – group activities, experiments, brainstorming, case discussion, de-brief sessions - you will start their journey exploring the existence of different social norms and values inside the class. Building on these differences, you will also learn about SDA Bocconi School of Management norms and values, building a common identity and sense of belonging.

Women in MBA – Diversity Makes the difference, Man Li
Women in MBA – Diversity Makes the difference, Man Li
Women in MBA – Diversity Makes the difference, Aija Thompson
Women in MBA – Diversity Makes the difference, Aija Thompson

Changing Scenarios Week

The Changing Scenarios Week is a time that will give the MBA a new identity in relation to the biggest challenges of today and for the future.

Through a unique and innovative teaching method, the goal is to understand the paradigm shift we are experiencing today and the implications it holds for managers. Participants will address the significant transformations that are taking place today and that will take place in the future. Alongside top scholars and corporate leaders, they will discuss issues such as climate change and resource collapse; diversity, equity and inclusion; demography and migrations; new geopolitical scenarios; artificial intelligence and ethics.

At the end of the week participants will have had an immersive experience in the future while learning about scenario planning.