Grand Finale for your MBA

Arrivederci Week
November 2019

The very last part of the MBA Class will embrace:



Arts and Business


The Sharing Economy


Government-related finance


The Transformational Impact of Big Data Marketing


Grand Finale:
witnessing first-hand "Made in Italy" business models and Blue Chip Companies.

"Grand Finale" for MBA Class of 2013 - visit to Ducati (Bologna) where motorcycles are designed and manufactured and to the Italian food company Barilla (Parma).


  • "One year has passed and it feels like yesterday that we all took the most important decision of our lives. But if you think about it not much has changed. We continue to take big decisions, but today there is a difference. We are far more informed, better prepared and each one of us has built our reserve of knowledge. This year we have transformed, both personally and professionally. And without a doubt, SDA Bocconi has been instrumental in this process."

    Shahana Mustafa, Indian | MBA 2012
    Business Manager Program - Adidas Group - Germany