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First-hand Contact with the MBA

Would you like to get in touch with current MBA students to find out more about their experience? Are you planning to apply for the MBA and would like to get an insider’s take on the program? Please, connect with one of our ambassadors! They will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your MBA decision, clarify any doubts, or simply have a chat with you.


Pablo Alvarez
Spanish - Energy/Mining Engineering
Sheila Bagattini
Italian - Management Engineer/Marketing
Stefano Berutti
Italian - Consulting
Ranieri Brandani
Italian - Construction (railway)/Project Management
Konstantin Burger
German - Automotive/Entrepreneurship
Gulbin Efe
Turkish - Consulting
Romain Felus
French - Engineering
Natalia Kaczmarek
Polish - Consulting/Professional Development/Fintech Startup
Alessandro Leonardo
Italian - White goods/marketing
Giacomo Mazzotti
Italian - Steel Industry
Daniele Meoni
Italian - Banking Sector
Giorgio Maria Nero
Italian - Construction
James Page
English - Government/R&D
Ourania Parousi
Greek - Manufacturing
Nikj Pesce
Italian - Consulting
Sabrina Poelderl
Austrian - Consulting
Umberto Rosa
Italian - Consulting
Luisa Russwurm
German - Consulting
Violetta Siokou
Greek - Telecommunication/Financial Controlling
Saverio Zefelippo
Italian - Management Consulting/Transportation Startup

North America

Marisela Feldman
American - Fashion/Retail/Entrepreneurship
Chris Greenup
American - Consulting
Zoe Jakubowich
American - Retail E-commerce Start-up/Consulting
Claire Meyer
American - Education
Gulbahar Okuyan
American - Nonprofit/Economic Development/Gov. Contracting
Christopher Rufo
American - Finance/Investment Banking
Amy Seccareccia
Canadian/Italian - Fashion/Retail & Digital Marketing

Latin America

Pedro Barreiro
Brazilian - Financial Industry
Matias Bartolini
Argentinian/Slovenian/Italian - Real Estate/Construction
Lucia Campos
Costa Rican - Marketing/Hospitality
Giovana Fiorin De Abreu
Brazilian - Stock Exchange
Valerie Harrington
Panamanian - Financial Services
Martin Masuelli
Argentinian - Pharmaceutical
Lia Nunes Koo
Venezuelan - Airlines/Consulting/Data Analytics
Josefina Pelaez
Argentinian - Financial consulting/M&A
Maria Fernanda Valdes
Mexican - Banking Sector


Michelle D'Souza
Indian - External Audit/Finance/Accounting
Shoury Gupta
Indian - Advertising/Marketing
Rita Huang
Taiwanese/Canadian - Market Research/Consumer Insights
Hong Jiang
Chinese - Automobile/Marketing
Manish Joshi
Indian - Retail E-commerce
Kritika Kaul
Indian - Automotive/Manufacturing
Jungbin Lee
South Korean - Fashion/Entrepreneurship
Shilesh Mishra
Indian - Automotive
Valdano Ruru
Indonesian - Legal Consulting
Saloni Sardana
Indian - Accounting and Finance
Srishti Verma
Indian - Telecommunication/Media/Social Sector

Mediterranean Area & Middle East

Wael El Jordi
Lebanese - Construction/Oil and Gas
Mediseh Vazirzadeh
Oil and Gas/Construction
Mohamad Yassine
Lebanese - Oil and Gas Production and Processing


Sadie Elizabeth De Wet
South African - E-commerce & Fashion
Sonal Cheekhooree
Mauritian - Market research/consumer insights