Raoul Pisani

Curriculum Vitae

Raoul Pisani is Affiliate Professor of Banking and Insurance at SDA School of Management. He is Full Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries at Trento University.

He collaborates with SDA Bocconi since 1988. He conducted numerous workshops, courses and consulting projects for main Italian Insurance and Banking Groups both for internal and international market.

His research activities concern numerous fields such as insurance, pension funds, banking and insurance distribution channels, private insurance,asset segregation tools, international tax planning, credit risk and behavioural finance. Currently, he is deepening two key topics: the implications of the new European regulations for the life and damage insurance market and the impact of technology on insurance production processes and policies distribution.

He is the author of some books on the subject, including “Il ruolo e le politiche di investimento dei Limited Partners italiani” in Economia & Management with V. Conca, “La funzione compliance nelle compagnie di assicurazione” in P. Musile Tanzi (edited by), “La funzione compliance: banche, assicurazioni, imprese di Investimento” Bancaria Editrice, 2010 and “ I minibond e gli investitori istituzionali” in L. Erzegovesi (edited by) “I minibond e il finanziamento delle imprese” Bancaria Editrice in 2016. He was Lecturer in the XXV International Rome Conference on Money, Banking and Finance. He is a member of the Editorial Board of SFEF (Strumenti Finanziari e Fiscalità).

Raoul earned a Degree in Business Economics from Bocconi University.