Oreste Pollicino



Latest publications

FERRARI G. F., CUOCOLO L., POLLICINO O., VEDASCHI A. (Eds.) Diritto Pubblico - III Ed. Egea, Milano, Italy, 2023
POLLICINO O., BASSINI M., DE GREGORIO G. Internet Law and Protection of Fundamental Rights Bocconi University Press - BUP, Milano, Italy, 2022
Bonadio E., Lucchi N., POLLICINO O. Fake news and copyright Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 2022, vol.11, no. 4, pp.444-468
Bassini M., POLLICINO O. The Legal Side of Digital Technologies: Challenges and New Paradigms in The Post-Digital Enterprise Gianluigi Castelli, Severino Meregalli, Ferdinando Pennarola (Eds),Springer International Publishing, chap. 8, pp.133-147, 2022
POLLICINO O., DE GREGORIO G. Constitutional Law in the Algorithmic Society in Constitutional Challenges in the Algorithmic Society H-W. Micklitz, O. Pollicino, A. Reichman, A. Simoncini, G. Sartor, G. De Gregorio (Eds),Cambridge University Press, pp.3-24, 2021
Corradetti C., POLLICINO O. The “War” Against Covid-19: State of Exception, State of Siege, or (Constitutional) Emergency Powers?: The Italian Case in Comparative Perspective German Law Journal, 2021, vol.22, no. 6, pp.1060-1071

Grants & Honors

Bocconi Senior Research Grant , 2022
Bocconi Senior Research Grant , 2019
Bocconi Senior Research Grant , 2018
Horizon Project - GECKO , 2018