Luisa Gagliardi

Strategy and Operations


Latest publications

GAGLIARDI L., MARIANI M., BRESCHI S. Temporal Availability and Women Career Progression: Evidence from Cross-Time-Zone Acquisitions Organization Science, 2024
GAGLIARDI L., MARIANI M. Trained to lead: Evidence from industrial research Strategic Management Journal, 2022, vol.43, no. 4, pp.847-871
GAGLIARDI L., Iammarino S., Rodríguez-Pose A. Exposure to OFDI and regional labour markets: evidence for routine and non-routine jobs in Great Britain Journal of Economic Geography, 2021, vol.21, no. 5, pp.783-806
Ascani A., GAGLIARDI L. Asymmetric spillover effects from MNE investment Journal of World Business, 2020, vol.55, no. 6, pp.101146
GAGLIARDI L. The impact of foreign technological innovation on domestic employment via the industry mix Research Policy, 2019, vol.48, no. 6, pp.1523-1533
Crescenzi R., GAGLIARDI L. The innovative performance of firms in heterogeneous environments: The interplay between external knowledge and internal absorptive capacities Research Policy, 2018, vol.47, no. 4, pp.782-795

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022