Procurement Lab

Why Procurement LAB

Procurement Lab is a research center for developing skills, streamlining operational models and mapping out future scenarios in purchase and supply relationship management.

  • It is a place where academia, practitioners and innovators can meet and find ideas, tools and solutions for their own professional growth, that of their function and their company as well as for shared knowledge. A place to consolidate and share the Italian way of managing procurement relationships, with an eye to international models.
  • It is a place of open, transparent and constructive debate.
  • It is the place where SDA Bocconi School of Management governs, guides and develops projects and research aimed at supporting the growth of purchase directors and buyers as well as of procurement operational and decision-making models.
  • Keywords: lab, university, research, professional development, networking, innovation, scientific knowledge, development, innovation

Our Value Model

Generating Know How

Every year, SDA Bocconi’s Procurement LAB promotes structured applied research on frontier areas of procurement and supply chain management. Our approach combines methodological rigor and managerial relevance to address the practical needs of companies.


Continuous dialogue with companies is key both to developing and disseminating know-how. Participation in the Procurement LAB allows for the sharing of issues and best practices. SDA Bocconi designs and conducts events, panel meetings, workshops, and webinars to make both sharing activities and the time preceding and following events efficient and effective.

Dissemination and Reputation

Knowledge spreading and targeted sharing of research results create and disseminate a culture of excellence and professionalism across purchase structures and processes, with a positive impact on their reputation. Every Procurement LAB initiative and activity adds to building the reputation of a company and its professionals, while at the same time making them an attractive career choice for talents.


Who Is It For

Excellent results are achieved when starting from concrete needs. This is why SDA Bocconi invests a great deal of energy and resources in customized research: to develop useful projects and provide clients with hands-on solutions. The Procurement LAB is a stable resource that can produce ongoing knowledge on innovative topics of strategic importance for businesses and institutions at a national and international level.

It is governed by CPOs for CPOs, and designed to receive and provide knowledge, models and professional development. The planning horizon of the LAB is 3 years, with an annual plan shared with the sponsors.

Membership of the Procurement LAB is by invitation, so as to select the best experiences and professionalism in Italy, and minimize possible elements of conflict between participants. In addition to SDA Bocconi faculty members and researchers, the LAB is composed of:


  • CPOs of companies with an annual revenue exceeding 1 billion euros
  • Membership by invitation
  • Annual membership fee: 6,000 euros
  • Membership for 3 years (2+1)

Main Sponsors:

  • Accenture and SAP participate in the LAB by contributing their skills and funding the overall investment
  • New Main Sponsors will be evaluated from year to year.
  • Membership as Main Sponsor for 3 years (2+1)