Public Real Estate Management Lab

The SDA Bocconi PREM Lab - Public Real Estate Management Lab with its more than ten years of knowledge and experience, deals with issues related to public works and infrastructure through the set-up, planning, design, the entire tendering process, construction, management and functioning of public works in Italy.

Why PREM Lab?

The objective of the PREM Lab is to link corporate management with the Design & Construction (D&C) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) processes in a synergistic and innovative manner. This is SDA Bocconi PREM Lab’s most important mission. Thanks to the innovative methods used in the fields of leadership, research and training, PREM provides participants with useful elements to train management on how to properly manage public real estate assets.


Besides the assets, PREM offers useful tools for teams, organizations and institutions even with regard to the realization of public works and infrastructure. In particular:


  • set-up, planning and design of public tenders
  • construction, management and operation of public works
  • relationships with awarding entities and economic operators


The SDA Bocconi PREM Lab is aimed at all management types at companies and public and private entities that are directly involved in the entire design and installation process for public works.