Observatory on Healthcare Organizations and Policies in Italy

OASI, the Observatory on Healthcare Organizations and Policies in Italy of CERGAS  SDA Bocconi , has been dealing with healthcare policies and management topics at public and private healthcare facilities since 1998.


OASI, the Observatory on Healthcare Organizations and Policies in Italy monitors and interprets the main trends in public policy and management practices in the healthcare system, especially the variables that influence the performance of Italian heathcare. Every year, administrative data are collected for comparison to  the various regional healthcare systems, and to compare the Italian healthcare system with those of other OECD countries. Various other techniques are used such as documentary analysis, surveys and case studies.


The ultimate goal of OASI is to create a forum for academics, professionals and managers in the healthcare field to facilitate the exchange of information and share new ideas and knowledge.

Every year OASI conducts or collects results of 15-20 research projects, which are then published in the annual Report, involving the researchers at CERGAS and SDA Bocconi, in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and policy makers. Furthermore, the OASI research team organizes a series of events to present a preview of the research at a convention and then in 7-8 events held in the main regions of Italy.

Research team
Bayer, Bristol Myers Squibb


Since 2000, theObservatory researchers publish their annual Report with the main results of the other CERGAS SDA Bocconi Observatories (OCPS, OSFAR, OSPA) and other particularly relevant national research conducted by CERGAS, as well as explaining the Italian healthcare system and providing  ad hoc insights.


Every year 2000 copies of the OASI Report are sent to the main policy makers, opinion leaders and professionals, while a digital edition has been available since 2000 which can be downloaded free of charge upon registering on the CERGAS website.