Executive Open Programs

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Discover the executive education programs offered by SDA Bocconi School of Management, designed to meet the needs of professionals and organizations from every sector and size. Whether you represent a large corporation, a small or medium-sized enterprise, work in the public sector, healthcare, finance, or you are a professional looking to further develop your managerial skills, here you can select the perfect course for you.

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Business Deals

SDA Bocconi collaborates with numerous professional Bodies representing specific industry sectors and geographical areas, as well as the arts.
These collaborations can benefit Companies and Institutions requiring executive-level programs because they provide important networking  opportunities, as well as the chance to come into contact with a wide range of industry sectors. The result is increased value in the programs offered.


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Healthcare and PA Networks

The Networks provide a platform to discuss and analyze hot topics together with SDA Bocconi Faculty and people managing different services and functions from the public and private sectors. This is a unique opportunity to learn by others’ opinions and to build your own network of people.

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The ETGN is a training and development partnership among seven prestigious European academic and research institutions, offering transnational perspectives on governance issues of the 21st century.

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