Design a Roadmap for the Enterprise Automation Journey

in collaboration with:


5 days
3,5 days in face to face: 18 (afternoon) - 21 February 2019
1 day Follow up: 11 March 2019

4 hours in Distance Learning: 4 February - 8 March 2019

The course is delivered in blended format, leveraging both online interaction and face-to-face lectures, according to the following structure:

  •     Online preparation
  •     3,5-day classroom activity 
  •     Distance assignment and video lectures
  •     1-day in-class assignment presentation and course closing


Value drivers

Data Robotics is emerging as a disruptive technology which is able to create value for all companies, regardless of their market, thanks to its heavy impact on cost saving, efficiency, scalability, control and processes.
“IPA - Intelligent Process Automation” is the first International Executive Course based on the exclusive method “Automation Opportunity Matrix”, developed by The Data Robotics Lab, a joint initiative by Reply and SDA Bocconi.

This structured method allows the mapping of internal processes in four dimensions of analysis, enabling the application to real business to develop solutions with a low upfront investment and a short-term return.


The course is designed to give business leaders, managers and executives from all functions the insights and knowledge to understand and anticipate the effects of IPA on both short- and long-term business strategy:
• How a business strategy can be supported by process automation technologies, both in terms of revenue enhancement and cost reduction
• How to structure an automation roadmap to support an enterprise digital transformation through RPA and AI
• How to identify and leverage technological enablers to deploy the automation strategy


The teaching staff from the Data robotics lab will include SDA Bocconi Senior Professores and reply Senior Experts, to combine business and technological expertise.
Moreover, important testimonials will provide hands-on business cases.

Enrollment procedure

Please complete the enrollment request form, available on this web page, and mail or fax to:
SDA Bocconi School of Management
fax +39 02 5836.6833

The final deadline for enrollment is 16 January 2019.

Enrollment requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, those received after the final deadline may not be accepted. Please see details in the enrollment form.

Participation fee 

€ 6.500 + VAT (if required)

Special Payment Terms 

A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered to applications sent in by 7th December, 2018


The aim of DEVO Lab is to bring together diversified perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to consistently assess the business implications of digital technologies and the value generation they can enable. DEVO Lab offers the competencies and capabilities necessary to fully support a digital
transformation program, leveraging on research initiatives and in-depth studies focused on the most relevant subjects for managers coping with the Digital Transformation of their organizations.
The Data Robotics Lab is an innovation laboratory developed by Reply in collaboration with DEVO Lab. The laboratory is a centre of expertise that combines the perspective and scientific methods of the Business School with Reply’s technological expertise.
The goal of the collaboration is to develop a benchmark for the exploration, experimentation and analysis of opportunities for the intelligent automation of business processes, enabled by the increasingly more evolved capabilities of modern Machine Learning techniques.


€ 6500.00 + IVA